Property and the Importance of Solicitors

Property buyers and sellers must understand the importance of hiring the right solicitor. Your investment is at stake. You do not want to deal with a party that does not honour the agreement. There are many things that can go wrong in a property deal and you will be left to fend for yourself. It is important to protect your interests with the help of an SRA approved solicitor. Such a professional complies with the professional and ethics requirements as set by the regulatory bodies.

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Why Hire a Professional Solicitor? 

Proper guidance provided by a solicitor helps draft the property documents properly. It eliminates the future risks of losing your property due to lack of legal protection. Your partner, buyer or seller cannot cheat you. If the other party tries to veer away from the agreed deal, you can take a legal action against that person or entity. You will have a higher chance of winning the case if you had taken the help of a solicitor when buying or selling the property. The solicitor works for you and tries to protect your interests in the deal. It speeds up various processes involved in a property transaction.

Why Hire a Solicitor Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

Solicitors who are members of this regulatory body comply with various rules and regulations. They comply with its principles and code of conduct. These professionals operate with integrity and work hard to protect the interests of their clients. The regulatory body supervises both the law firms and individual solicitors who are members of it. It can take enforcement action against the members who breach its principles.

Actions That This Regulatory Body Can Take against Its Members

It can take a wide range of actions against its members depending on the type and severity of the infringement. When taking action, it takes into account the agreement between the solicitor and the client. It considers the wider public ramification of the solicitor's actions on the public and the profession. It wants to protect the reputation of all solicitors. Its enforcement actions can range from simple warning to revoking the recognition of the law firm. In extreme cases, it can order a firm to close immediately. Other measures include imposing a fine, controlling how a solicitor can practice, and referring the solicitor to a disciplinary tribunal. The regulatory decisions may be published for public viewing. The end goal is to protect the interests of both the clients and solicitors.